Enable your business to support your local community through a partnership with CAP UK. Choose us as your charity of the year or contact us to sponsor our programme in your local school.

Make a difference to your community
Your support will help build safer communities for local children. Money donated to CAP UK goes further because we’ll add in funds already raised through charitable grants. Every £3.50 raised enables another child to access our programme. Your money will allow us to work in schools we otherwise wouldn’t be able to support.

Your support will strengthen families and communities and help local children develop essential life skills.

Plus CAP UK offers you:

  • Excellent engagement – you’ll see how we put your support to good use ensuring local schoolchildren learn how to grow up safe, strong and free. Options include: presentation to staff, newsletter content, feedback from the children, staff and parents [eg posters, evaluation stats/ quotes, thank you letter(s)]
  • Awareness raising / PR support: We’ll help you connect with your community and raise awareness through our own website / social media and at the schools we’re working in. Also through a co-written press release and content for your own communication channels.
  • A strong brand association – our professionalism and long established reputation will complement your brand. We’re currently supporting around 80 schools and 15,000 children each year.

Email or call the office [t: 01803 866559] for an informal chat about how we can work in partnership with your business.