CAP UK Staff Team July 2018

CAP UK (Child Assault Prevention Project) is a community project in Devon that brings parents/carers, school staff and children together to understand how to effectively reduce children’s vulnerability to child abuse and build safer communities for children.

CAP’s mission is to keep children Safe, Strong and Free

CAP works with the whole school community towards reducing children’s vulnerability to abuse, equipping children with skills and strategies necessary to stay safe from harm in an ever-changing society. It helps towards encouraging them to grow up to be strong and confident young people, respecting their own and others’ rights.


Unfortunately child abuse is prevalent. There are currently over 51,000 children identified as needing protection from abuse in the UK (Government Statistics). NSPCC estimate that 1 in 4 children suffer some form of abuse by the time they are 18, and these are only the ones we know about. Many children will never tell anyone. 

CAP UK has been culturally tailored and running very successfully in the South West since 1995, reaching thousands of children every year with its important messages. It is designed to raise adults’ awareness around the issues of child abuse in all its forms and to deliver empowering workshops to children in a sensitive and fun way.

With support from funders like the Big Lottery Fund, CAP UK has continued to grow. We have developed the programme to include the technological changes of our times, to help children deal with cyber bullying and how to stay safe on the internet. We now have a specialised programme for Special Needs Schools and run child protection training for adult groups. We also have a programme for young people to help them understand healthy relationships both on and off-line.

CAP is a registered charity, reliant on grants and donations to support our work. We work closely with local statutory agencies. All our facilitators receive extensive training from an accredited CAP trainer, and from local agencies involved in child protection, and have undergone police checks and careful vetting procedures.

CAP UK is affiliated to The International Center for Assault Prevention, known as ICAP, an international prevention program with its central headquarters located at the Camden County College in Blackwood, New Jersey. ICAP works with local people who desire to advocate and protect children by starting a CAP project in their town. We are the regional training centre for CAP in the UK.

Meet the Team

Our Senior Leadership Team
April Faulkner, is the Trusts and Grants Manager at CAP UK. Dani De Beaumont, is the Strategic Manager. Melanie Schoenfeld is the Devon Operations Manager and Emma Hermon-Wright is the Plymouth Operations Manager. Contact the office…
Our Office Team
Trishyah Mathe,
Office Manager is responsible for the smooth running of the CAP Office. Samantha Entwistle, Social Media and Communications Officer is responsible for our website, social media accounts and newsletters. Contact the office…

Our Facilitators – South Devon & Torbay Schools
This team has been established since CAP UK’s beginnings in 1995. The team is made up of a
team leader – Melanie Schoenfeld and facilitators Leah, Marie, Renee and Tamsin. Contact the South Devon and Torbay Team…

Our Facilitators – Plymouth Schools
This team has been operational for the last 8 years. Emma Hermon-Wright is the team leader and currently
has 5 facilitators Lydia, Sam C., Sam E., Stacy and Laura working with her. As well as our primary school programme, the Plymouth team also deliver the secondary school programme focusing on healthy relationships. Contact the Plymouth Team…

Meet the Trustees

We currently have 5 trustees from various backgrounds who offer regular support and guidance to CAP UK. Our chair person is Andrew. If you would like to contact our trustees please use our office contact details in the first instance.

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