Mission Statement
CAP’s mission is to keep children Safe Strong and Free
What is CAP UK?
CAP UK (Child Assault Prevention Project) is a community project that brings parents/carers, school staff and children together to understand how to effectively reduce children’s vulnerability to child abuse and build safer communities for children.
Unfortunately child abuse is very real. The NSPCC estimate that 1 child dies every week in the UK at the hands of someone known to them. Research shows that at least one in ten children suffer some form of abuse during their childhood. As we hear so many stories in the news about adults coming forward to disclose their childhood suffering, CAP is proud to be working with whole communities towards recognising child abuse and teaching skills to know how to deal with it. Based on an international programme that began in 1978 in USA, CAP UK has been culturally tailored and running in Devon since 1995. During this time we have reached thousands of children with our important messages.
Puppets in a CAP UK school class.
The Programme
CAP works with the whole school community. Most of our work is in primary schools but we also have a nursery, special educational needs and teenage programme. CAP operates a rolling programme with different, repeat visits every 18 months to build on the messages taught.
Children’s workshops
Through the use of drama, puppets and discussion the project provides children with the ability to recognise unsafe situations and the confidence to act to protect themselves. Working in whole class groups, our team of trained facilitators focus on children’s rights to be Safe, Strong and Free and explore potential assault situations:-
- A bully scenario, including cyber bullying.
- An approach from a stranger, including internet safety.
- An inappropriate approach from a known adult.
The CAP project tackles these issues in a fun and empowering way focusing on what a child can do rather than what they can’t. The workshops are very enjoyable and light hearted. Each session is differentiated for the age group and the main strategies we teach are:
- How to be assertive but not aggressive.
- How children can support each other.
- Finding a trusted adult and getting help.
What children say
“What they said made me feel safe.”
– Year 6 child

“CAP helped me realise I can make friends and not feel lonely.” – Year 3 child

“Some of the stuff is common sense but some of it is really important because it is stuff you need to know but are too embarrassed to ask.”
– Year 6 child
Children in a CAP UK class representing the Safe, Strong, Free tagline.
Children in a CAP UK class representing the Safe, Strong, Free tagline.
Children in a CAP UK class representing the Safe, Strong, Free tagline.
Above: Children at a workshop acting out the ‘Safe, Strong, Free’ tagline.
Parents’ workshops
We offer a parents’ workshop before we come in to work with the children. During this session we explain what will be covered in the children’s workshops so that parents can support this learning at home. We also explore the concerns that parents have for their children’s safety and share ideas with each other on how to approach this sensitive subject with our children.
What parents say
“Very glad that there is a community approach to children trusting their instincts and having ways to resist or respond to fearful situations or bullying.”
“This has been extremely important. It has made me think about the language I use at home.”
“My only reservation prior to attending was the part on sexual abuse, but I think that it is handled very well in the scenario. I came anxious and leave delighted!”
Staff Training
CAP also provides a staff workshop prior to the children’s sessions in order to make sure that everyone is confident around Child Protection issues. We focus on the reality of child abuse and how to recognise signs a child might be showing if they are suffering abuse. We teach skills to know how to manage this sensitive situation and access help for a child.
What staff say
“I think this is such an important part of children’s education and your delivery makes it perfectly accessible to children in a way that class teachers on their own could not.” – Teacher
“An excellent morning in a safe environment enabled the children to reflect in a thoughtful way about some difficult subjects.” – Teaching assistant
“I would thoroughly recommend this charity to work in every school in the country! The work was valid, relevant and skilfully delivered.” – Head teacher
Registered Charity Number: 1056377  |  info@safestrongfree.org.uk / 01803 866559  |  Find us on Facebook