All children have the right to be Safe, Strong and Free.

Safe is when you know everything is okay and nothing is going to hurt you or anyone you care about.

Strong – you can be strong in your body by doing exercise and eating healthily but you can also be strong in your feelings. You may feel strong inside when you feel good about yourself. Maybe you have done something very difficult or something that you are very proud of. Or maybe you have had to be brave.

Free is when you are having fun and when you have choices. You feel free when you are feeling safe and strong.

If someone is mean to you or tries to hurt you then you won’t be feeling safe, strong or free. If this happens it is important that you know you can get help. It is always good to talk to someone you know in your life but if you can’t think of anyone, here are some great places to go to for help:

The Hideout

If your family is always arguing
or fighting this is a good website:

Think U Know

If you want to learn how to be
safe on the internet or worried
about something on-line, or if you want
to stop someone being horrible to you
on-line you should visit:


Childline: 0800 1111
This number is free and you can
talk to these people about anything.
There are fun games and good ideas for help on this website. You can also talk to someone by email to chat over your problems.

Winston's Wish

If someone you know has died
and you need support you can go to
the young person’s page of:

Bullying UK

If you are bullied you can
definitely go to Childline but you can
also go to: